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Full Moon of the Winter Solstice I

Full Moon of the Winter Solistice I - Copyright by Martin Liebermann
Full Moon of the Winter Solstice I: zeitspuren

The full moon of the winter solstice 2010 is rising behind snowy trees. Schwedenschanze near Bielefeld, Germany.

Winter 2010 in Germany has come early with lots of cold and snow. After a night of more snow, and a grey and cold day, a faint sun came to bid farewell to this years shortest day. I went to the hill crest of the Teutoburger Wald, but there the sun was shrouded by fog. I stayed to photograph and enjoy the silent, blue beauty. When the longest night came, the clouds had cleared, and a bright full moon rose behind the trees. I stayed until my hands became too numb to operate the camera.

The lunar eclipse would only be partially visible in Germany, the first stage appearing with the setting moon.
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