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Isola di Pantelleria, Italy

Isola di Pantelleria is an island located between Sicily and Tunisia. It belongs to Italy, but names of places and the architecture of the traditional house, called dammusi, shows Arab influence. Of volcanic origin, the island lacks ground water or springs, thus making agriculture difficult. Main products are capers and the world famous passito wine - made from raisins! Although the island is difficult to reach, it has become a favourite holiday destination for celebrities.


Vineyards and Dammusi, Pantelleria - Copyright by Martin Liebermann
Vineyards and Dammusi, Pantelleria: zeitspuren
Ancient vineyards, traditional dammusi (houses) and walls made from black lava rocks form the unique landscape of the island of Pantelleria. View from Montagna Grande towards Scauri.

Inside of an abandoned dammuso - the traditional house on Pantelleria. 
Much of the traditional agriculture has been abandoned, some villages are deserted. More recently, traditional houses have been sold to tourists.

Portraid of a wine-grower from the island of Pantelleria.
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