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Fall colors - 2011

Late evening in the forest, Lindenberg, GermanyBeech trees on top of the VelmerstotOaks and beech trees in fall colors, LindenbergOaks above the Eder river #I, Lindenberg, GermanyOak forest in fall, Lindenberg, GermanyTrees, lichen covered rocks, Velmerstot
Oaks above the Eder river #II, Lindenberg, GermanyOak forest on the Lindenberg ridgeThree gnarly beech trees in fall colors - Drei bizarre Buchen in Herbstfarben

Fall colors - 2011, a set on Flickr.

Fall in Germany, 2011.

I took time to visit the Edersee/Kellerwald region again. The ancient gnarly oaks in fall colors were amazing. Some other images were taken in the Eggegebirge hills. More to come!

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